Level: 1
Description: Much like a ninja, an assassin is stealthy and quick.
Location: Greenguard Forest
Buy: 5,000 Gold
Sell: 1 Gold
Class Overview

Mana Regeneration: Assassins gain mana when they:
Land the first strike on combat (exactly 40 mana).
Strike an enemy, more mana on crits.
Cast Shadowburn on targets without Shadowblade debuff. (20 mana)
Favorable Stats:
Strength, gives more damage and critical strike chance.
Intellect, increases the damage of Shadowblade and Shadowburn. Possibly critical strike chance too.
Endurance, gives more hp which in turn give more survivability.
Dexterity, gives more haste, hit and evasion.
Luck, increases critical stike chance
Attack_skil.jpg Auto Attack
Rank: 1
Description: Attacks the opponent until its dead
Effect: The previous Information has been removed.
MP Cost: -
Swing time: 0.5 seconds
Crosscut.png Crosscut
Rank: 1
Description: Instantly attack twice, dealing extra damage.
Effect: Instantly strike for twice of Auto-attack damage.
MP Cost: 15
Recharge time: 2 seconds
Rank: 2

Description: Deals physical and magical damage, and blinds enemy for 6 seconds
Effect: Damages physical and magical damage (increased by attack and spell power) and applies the debuff [Shadowblade] on the enemy for 6 seconds, which lowers it´s chance to hit targets.
MP Cost: 25
Recharge time: 12 seconds
Rank: 3
Description: Deals light weapon damage plus magical damage, stunning any target afflicted by Shadowblade for 3s, or returning 20 mana otherwise.
Effect: Deals physical and magical damage (increased by attack and spell power), and stuns for 3 seconds if the target is afflicted by Shadowblade. If said debuff isn´t present then the caster gains 20 mana. This is the main mana regeneration tool for the ninja class.
MP Cost: 5
Recharge time: 6 seconds
ThinAir1.PNGThin Air
Rank: 5
Description: Raises dodge by 3% and haste by 5% every time you are hit. Lasts 30s.
Effect: Applies Thin Air onto the caster, which increases dodge chance by 3% and haste by 5% everytime he/she is damaged (includes 0 damage). lasts 30 seconds.
MP Cost: 30
Recharge time: 30 seconds

Passive Skills

Unlocks at rank: 4
Passive Ability: Dodge chance increased by 15%
Passive Abitity: Critical strike chance increased by 15%

Pre-Gamma Test Skills

Continuous Attack
Description: —
Effect: Continuously attacks target until opponent or player is dead.
MP Cost: 0
Prerequisites: Continuous attack; will stop either when opponent/player is dead. Although if player selects a different target, the attack will be stop and the player will have to click the button again.
Recharge time: 0 seconds
Stun_Attack.pngKnock Out
Description: —
Effect: Knock Out/Stuns the enemy for a few seconds
MP Cost: 0
Prerequisites: —
Recharge time: 10 seconds
DOT_Attack.pngDOT (Damage over time)
Description: —
Effect: Over a period of that you can have *** this skill will cause damage to the opponent.
MP Cost: 100
Prerequisites: —
Recharge time: 60 minutes

Does not require a rank 10 on ninja to buy. Instead, It requires you to do all of the Ninja Trainer, Mazumi's, quests.
Is member only.